Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

I've had a very enjoyable Spring Break.

I went to California for a week and spent some time with my cousin, Kayloni, and met her boyfriend, Darin, and a bunch of their friends. I also got to see a friend that has transferred out there (PUC) from Andrews.

I got to enjoy some warm, sunny weather while I was there and even managed to get a little bit of color. We went off-roading in a Range Rover and were joined by 2 pick-up trucks and 2 jeeps. It was VERY bumpy but quite fun. Towards the end of the adventure we stopped at a look out spot called "Inspiration Point". It was really pretty, it looked over a valley and off in the distance you could see a body of water. It was a little foggy out but you could see the starts really clearly! It was beautiful.

Sabbath we spent a couple of hours at the beach :) it was a little chilly and windy but I was just happy to get to spend some time there! Saturday night we went out for supper before going to the planetarium (Darin, Nicole, and Zack ((a couple of their friends)) had to go for a class). It was fun and Kayloni and I learned quite a bit.

I managed to get some photo editing done and a little bit of other homework completed before I left on Wednesday for Michigan.

Thursday, Marissa and I stopped in to Andrews for a couple minutes so I could do a couple things I needed to. Yesterday, we slept in and hung out most of the day then we went to visit a friend of mine, Cara, in Indiana. We spent the night there and stayed until the early evening. We drove the few hours back and went out for a later supper before coming back to the house and relaxing a bit.

Tomorrow I head back to NY and Monday starts work again. It never seems like break is long enough but at this point I'm just greatful I got one! I'll try to post some pictures from the trip soon... Marissa and I are going into the studio to shoot a little before I leave so maybe I'll be able to post some of those too :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Junk Night

I'm on supervision this weekend and for the Saturday Night Activity we did "Class Clash - Junk Style". Students were to bring as much "junk" as the could to their designated corner of the gym. Mr. Raymond and Adam B. called out one item at a time and whichever class got the item to the mat in the center of the gym got that point. The activity ended around 10 and I helped Mr. Raymond kick they girls out (the guys got to stay and play soccer for a while).

I drove around to the dorm to pick up Karolline for the night. Then we went to pick up Jodi. I informed the girls that I was in desperate need of a junk food fix. They both agreed that that would be fine by them. So, we went to Auburn. We went to Blockbuster and rented 3 movies and then went to Wal-mart and bought a bunch of "junk"!

I put a pizza in the oven after getting back to the house, and the girls set up the air mattress in the living room. We started watching the first movie and started pigging out! I started dozing during the second movie and completely missed the entire third movie. I spent the night on the couch! It wasn't a very good sleep but it was sleep none the less. I woke up once feeling this terrible pain in my ear and couldn't get it to go away. I did get back to sleep and then next time I woke up I awoke to "Sissy? Its 10:00..." My eyes flashed open and panic set in. For a few seconds my mind screamed at me "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE CAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE'S NO FOOD AND THE KIDS ARE GOING TO BE SOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SUPER LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I then realized that I'm only on supervision and could get there within a matter of minutes. I ran upstairs and threw on some pants and a hoodie and off I went.

I made it to brunch within a couple minutes and after kicking all the kids out at about 10:40 headed back home for a couple hours. And now.... here I sit... in study hall... I think its more of a punishment for me then it is for them! Then comes rec and supper then.... FREEDOM!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Busy Afternoon...

One busy afternoon in a land not so far away, a task force worker had a bunch of places to go, people to see, and things to do.

She went to work in the cafeteria at her normal time and had a visit from the principal. He showed her the new schedule and several things to have the workers do during their shift. He then asked the girl if she'd drive to Syracuse to pick up a parent at 7:30 that evening. She agreed but realized after how silly she had been.

You see, the girl had to stay until supper cleanup was finished in the cafeteria. At the same time she was supposed to be at a SA meeting to discuss Reception plans. The meeting had been moved from 6:30pm to 6:00pm because of the students having joint worship.

The girl had a very sweet friend who volunteered to finish cafe cleanup and lock everything up so the girl wouldn't miss her meeting.

She ran to her meeting and got to stay for about 20 minutes before having to run off for the hour drive to Syracuse bus station.

The girl drove carefully through the snow and arrived just in time to pick the parent up. The girl arrived back to her house a bit worn-out around 9:00.

And that was the end of her busy afternoon.

The End

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This past week we had a couple of "snow days". Tuesday we took the kids tubing and stopped at a mall on the way back... here are some pictures from our tubing adventures :) (Pictures aren't in order)

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Adventures

I've been doing a lot of new things in the past couple weeks. Its been both interesting and fun. Now, let me fill you in on some of my adventures.

The weekend before this past one, was the first gymnastics performance. We drove out to Buffalo (about two and a half hours away) Sabbath morning. It was an early day and I drove the Silver Bullet (the school's 12 passenger van). We arrived during Sabbath School and choir sang for church. They provided us with potluck and then we loaded up the vans and the bus and headed to Niagra Falls. It was the first time I had been there (such a shame since it really isn't all that far away). It was FREEZING!!! I went up to the top of the observation deck to take a couple pictures. I wasn't out there long at all since I couldn't feel my fingers after about five pictures.

We returned to the church in time to get some supper before vespers and the gymnastics show. The team did a great job! They hit a lot more of the moves they had been missing in practices that week. We had a bit of an incident with one of the boys during the show and sadly we had to say goodbye to him the next day due to some mental health issues. I didn't realize that the students would be so concerned about him until Monday when they were informed on the situation. Several students offered suggestions for staying in touch with him and why they felt it would be important to do so. There were quite a few of them that also prayed for him when the opportunity was presented.

Wednesday when I went into the office the principle, Mr. Baker, asked me if I'd drive the 12 passenger van for homeleave. So I did... I drove it down to Atlantic Union College and then up home. I had 5 kids with me and had to make two other drop-off stops before getting to AUC. The trip took about 9 hours and we didn't get lost until going from home back to AUC. Karolline and I spent probably a half hour driving in circles getting on and off and back on to the interstate. It was really irratating but we were only about 15 minutes late to AUC and we still made it back to the school before 6:00. :) I dropped the boys off at their dorm and then took the girls over to their dorm. As they were unloading Hannah, a sophomore, got a phone call from Amy, a junior, who was waiting to be picked up at the bus station an hour away. I didn't think I was supposed to pick them up because someone else had dropped them off... and I wouldn't have had room with them and all their luggage. So, after a couple phone calls it was decided that Mr. Fraker (the maitanace director who was supposed to do the entire trip) would go get them. Everybody got back safe and sound.

Now break is over and its back to work. It'll be an unusual week. There's a group leaving for a three week mission trip in Guatamala. They are leaving tomorrow morning and on Wednesday a small group is going to AUC for music clinic. Please pray for everyone's safety on these trips!

Friday, January 23, 2009


This week has been really full! I had the weekend off and when I left the ad building I only returned to campus to take a few pictures at ADRA Famine Friday night. My sister stayed the weekend at my house and we talked to our parents using the webcam Friday night, slept in Sabbath and then made some really yummy food and hung out, did some reading, watched some church type stuff online, and then Saturday night we just hung around the house and watched some tv and ate some more... Sunday we slept in again and then had some brunch, picked up the room a bit, showered, and tried to figure out what else we were going to do. We ended up going to a movie, going out for supper, and did a little shopping on the way back. It was a very good, restful weekend that I was in need of!

But this weekend I don't think I'll be able to say as much for. I'm on duty in the cafe this weekend. However, it will be an easy weekend since the school is going to the mall Saturday night and having supper there and the dorms are doing there own thing for Sunday supper. When I'm not working I think I'll be sleeping. People having been dropping like flies this week because of some bug that's going around. We've at least one or two people from each dorm on sicklist almost everyday this week. A couple faculty members are now not feeling the greatest too. I'm hoping not to get it!

Its been pretty evident, this past week, that the devil isn't liking something that's going on here. There was some sort of confrontation last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all involving different people and then something else happened on Wednesday. Some faculty were saying that they could feel something was going to happen.

Anyways, the weekend is coming and I'm looking forward to a little extra sleep and maybe some down time :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Weeks Following Christmas

There's been a lot of stuff going on since my last post so I'll try to update you in as little space as possible.

We had our Christmas musical performance, Four Tickets to Christmas, right before break. Everyone put a lot of time into the production and it paid off! We had a wonderful set which included a "hay" loft that Mr. Fraker (the maintenance director) built special for the play. Randy (the guys dean) had his video production class set up lighting and cameras. They videoed the musical and are selling dvd's of it. Some of the girls made some of the big props and did an excellent job! I'll have pictures up soon (or if you can't wait go to The audience loved the performance and even went so far as to say that it was the best production that the school has put on in years!

And with that, break arrived! I headed home to Vermont and spent two weeks with my family and some friends. It was a lot of fun to have a bunch of my cousins around. We did lots of stuff together... hockey games, bowling, Christmas at Grammie's, New Year's Eve party at our house, and some other stuff too.

Last week was our first week back and Guy's Club was busy getting things together for their reception (they call them receptions here instead of banquets). The guys set up a "VIP-All Access trip around the World. They had it in the ad building and each class room was a different country. The students got to visit Italy, Spain, China, France, and Hawaii throughout the evening. Stopping and eating some "local" cuisine in each country. After supper, the loaded the bus and headed rollarskating. I think everyone had a pretty good time. The next one is in a few months and put on by SA... so we're going to have to start planning for that soon!

I had a bunch of visitors this weekend. My friend Caitlin and her boyfriend Mitchell came up to help her dad cook for reception. They came up on Thursday and Caitlin stayed with me all weekend. Friday, my friend Adrianna came up and Saturday night my sister stayed with me. I spent a lot of time hanging out with them between working. The weekend wasn't really anything like I had thought it would be but it was really good.

This weekend, we are having an ADRA Famine in the gym. The students bring at least $5.00 and head up to the gym Friday evening and don't come out until Saturday evening. There are TONS of activities for them while they are there. Each corner of the gym represents a different country and we have people either from there or have visited there for some time come in and give a presentation about that country. Sabbath School and Church are all in the gym too. There's a lot of emphasis about how people in other countries live and how fortunate we are that we have food to eat, a warm place to live, a bed to sleep in, and an oportunity to get a good education.

So, I think that sums up some of what's been going on in these parts. I'll try to get pictures from these events up soon.