Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pictures are here!!!

I took some shots during a Senior Bible Class a while ago. Here are some of my shots (unedited).
Karolline in Bible class
Roxana and Najee taking their tests

Evan getting ready for class

Jaymee asking a question about the test

Students taking the Bible test

Roxana working hard

I also took some pictures at Faculty Families too... this was the best I got:
Mumu and Anthony playing DDR as David W. looks on
Sabbath afternoon of Parents Weekend was the Choir and Band concert. Band had a few selections and the Choir sang some pieces and there were also a couple duets and a trio. My camera battery died about half way though the concert so missed some stuff.
JoDee and Adam B.'s duet

Mr. Baker directing the band

Jaymee and Sara's duet
(then the camera died)

Saturday evening the seniors had a play (a "Friends" episode... The One Where Ross Can't Flirt)

In the "livingroom"

Tim M. as Chandler getting ready for his date with Monica (Karolline)