Monday, February 9, 2009

New Adventures

I've been doing a lot of new things in the past couple weeks. Its been both interesting and fun. Now, let me fill you in on some of my adventures.

The weekend before this past one, was the first gymnastics performance. We drove out to Buffalo (about two and a half hours away) Sabbath morning. It was an early day and I drove the Silver Bullet (the school's 12 passenger van). We arrived during Sabbath School and choir sang for church. They provided us with potluck and then we loaded up the vans and the bus and headed to Niagra Falls. It was the first time I had been there (such a shame since it really isn't all that far away). It was FREEZING!!! I went up to the top of the observation deck to take a couple pictures. I wasn't out there long at all since I couldn't feel my fingers after about five pictures.

We returned to the church in time to get some supper before vespers and the gymnastics show. The team did a great job! They hit a lot more of the moves they had been missing in practices that week. We had a bit of an incident with one of the boys during the show and sadly we had to say goodbye to him the next day due to some mental health issues. I didn't realize that the students would be so concerned about him until Monday when they were informed on the situation. Several students offered suggestions for staying in touch with him and why they felt it would be important to do so. There were quite a few of them that also prayed for him when the opportunity was presented.

Wednesday when I went into the office the principle, Mr. Baker, asked me if I'd drive the 12 passenger van for homeleave. So I did... I drove it down to Atlantic Union College and then up home. I had 5 kids with me and had to make two other drop-off stops before getting to AUC. The trip took about 9 hours and we didn't get lost until going from home back to AUC. Karolline and I spent probably a half hour driving in circles getting on and off and back on to the interstate. It was really irratating but we were only about 15 minutes late to AUC and we still made it back to the school before 6:00. :) I dropped the boys off at their dorm and then took the girls over to their dorm. As they were unloading Hannah, a sophomore, got a phone call from Amy, a junior, who was waiting to be picked up at the bus station an hour away. I didn't think I was supposed to pick them up because someone else had dropped them off... and I wouldn't have had room with them and all their luggage. So, after a couple phone calls it was decided that Mr. Fraker (the maitanace director who was supposed to do the entire trip) would go get them. Everybody got back safe and sound.

Now break is over and its back to work. It'll be an unusual week. There's a group leaving for a three week mission trip in Guatamala. They are leaving tomorrow morning and on Wednesday a small group is going to AUC for music clinic. Please pray for everyone's safety on these trips!

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