Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

I've had a very enjoyable Spring Break.

I went to California for a week and spent some time with my cousin, Kayloni, and met her boyfriend, Darin, and a bunch of their friends. I also got to see a friend that has transferred out there (PUC) from Andrews.

I got to enjoy some warm, sunny weather while I was there and even managed to get a little bit of color. We went off-roading in a Range Rover and were joined by 2 pick-up trucks and 2 jeeps. It was VERY bumpy but quite fun. Towards the end of the adventure we stopped at a look out spot called "Inspiration Point". It was really pretty, it looked over a valley and off in the distance you could see a body of water. It was a little foggy out but you could see the starts really clearly! It was beautiful.

Sabbath we spent a couple of hours at the beach :) it was a little chilly and windy but I was just happy to get to spend some time there! Saturday night we went out for supper before going to the planetarium (Darin, Nicole, and Zack ((a couple of their friends)) had to go for a class). It was fun and Kayloni and I learned quite a bit.

I managed to get some photo editing done and a little bit of other homework completed before I left on Wednesday for Michigan.

Thursday, Marissa and I stopped in to Andrews for a couple minutes so I could do a couple things I needed to. Yesterday, we slept in and hung out most of the day then we went to visit a friend of mine, Cara, in Indiana. We spent the night there and stayed until the early evening. We drove the few hours back and went out for a later supper before coming back to the house and relaxing a bit.

Tomorrow I head back to NY and Monday starts work again. It never seems like break is long enough but at this point I'm just greatful I got one! I'll try to post some pictures from the trip soon... Marissa and I are going into the studio to shoot a little before I leave so maybe I'll be able to post some of those too :)

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