Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Soccer Games & Proposals

I had my first supervision duties with Adam (math & science teacher) yesterday evening. It also happened to be the first soccer game(s) of the year. The soccer games threw the days schedule way off. Classes were adjusted so everyone was out by about 3:30 in time for the games. The girls played first and lost 2-0 and they guys won 3-1. They all had fun and there were no injuries :) After shewing everyone back to the dorms after the games, I also headed to the girls dorm. I hung out in my sister's room until it was time for me to do worship. Worship ended around 7:50 and shortly after I headed back to my house.

I said that I'd explain a bit more about the proposal the SA officers came up with so here you are: They proposed to the faculty to have two of the SA officers have SA as their job (all the students work part of the day here). The proposal started with only one officer but they later decided to ask for two possitions. The president, Caleb, and the secretary/treasurer, Adam, are the two that are working for SA. As faculty, we had a few conserns about this. When SA has a big event, like Y-Owasco, Fall Festival, or a banquet, there is plenty for the boys to do to get ready and we would probably be able to keep them pretty busy for work. But when there's not much going on we were worried about them wandering the halls, hanging out with people that shouldn't be there, or being a distraction to others. This was solved by requiring them to produce a slideshow or a bulletin board with pictures on it bi-weekly, the week they don't do the slideshow/bulletin board they are to put out a short newspaper, and third, SA has to organize and lead out in at least one activity a month. So, I'll probably be helping them get things organized a bit starting out and then as they get a handle on things I should be able just to look over and approve/disapprove things.

Today I'll be back in the cafeteria from after lunch until after supper. Days like today make for some LONG days... but that's what I'm here for... partly. In coming here, I wanted to be able to make connections with the kids and be a friend to them. The past few days I've felt like the only kids I've been in contact with are the kids that I supervise in the cafe and those that are in SA. I still don't know all of their names and I feel as though all I do to some of the kids in the cafe is yell at them because they aren't doing what they are supposed to do. I pray that this weekend I'll be able to get aquainted with the other students a bit better and start to build relationships with them. I think getting out there and socializing with them is something I'm going to have to work on and do all year. I want to be able to reach the kids and help them grasp a better understanding of who God is.

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