Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Adding "Teacher"

Well, it looks like I will be adding "Teacher" to my resume. One of our teachers is having to leave due to not having the right forms to remain in the US. He was the photography teacher among other things and I was asked today if I'd take that over since I'm the most qualified to do it.

I found out this and several other things this morning. Among them would be my change in schedule. My schedule will be changing because the teacher leaving also helped in the cafe a couple nights a week. Since he's gone one of the ladies that used to help down there a few years ago is going to come back. However, she already has another job and the days she works changes from week to week. So every week I'll have a different schedule... at least I'll know what it is a month in advance I guess.

On to happier news. I was able to go home this weekend with 4 of the other faculty/staff members. My home church was having a cider and donut social (we press our own cider and make our own donuts). We left Friday evening and got back Sunday evening. I got to show them a few of the sites around my house and just had a lot of time to visit and relax. We all enjoyed ourselves a great deal.

This weekend I'm on supervision again. I'm still not going to be on with Mr. Raymond (the guy I'm supposed to be on weekend supervision with). Adam will be switching with Mr. Raymond. Adam is also the other SA sponsor... and as SA sponsors we're thinking this would be a great opportunity for SA to plan and lead the Saturday night activity. We're having a SA meeting tomorrow evening and we're going to bring this up to them. I hope they are willing to help us out.

Speaking of meetings... I have one that's going to start shortly so I better be off! I'll be posting some pictures from the weekend soon.

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