Sunday, November 30, 2008


No pictures yet... time has gotten away from me yet again and we returned a bit later to campus then I had expected. So maybe tomorrow I'll get pictures posted... I hope.

Break was pretty restful and relaxing. I got to sleep in, eat yummy food, and spend time with family. We spent Thanksgiving day at some friends' house and had TONS of food. Sabbath Grammie came to our house after church and we had another Thanksgiving meal. Saturday night Adam, my cousin, invited Karolline and me to go bowling with him and a bunch of other people. It ended up there were only 5 of us. It was fun. We bowled for about 2 hours and had some good laughs.

We headed out a little late this morning to meet the bus. The bus wasn't there when we got there but we didn't have to wait very long for it. One of the students thought that the bus wasn't supposed to be there until 1 instead of 12:30. We waited for him for an hour and then it was decided that we would meet them at the next rest-area on the thruway. We met them ok and were on our way. It seemed to take forever to get back but that's because we waited so long for that student and then there was a lot of traffic in a few spots that moved VERY slowly and the roads weren't the greatest in some areas. But we made it safely and picked everybody up without any problems.

Tomorrow starts our School Spirit week. We're starting with "Sports Day". I'm not sure what I'll do for it yet although Adam thinks that all of SA should go all out with our dress this week... I'm eager to see what the students come up with for all the days. One of the days is Dress like a Faculty and I had a girl tonight tell me that she's going to go as me and wants to borrow some of my clothes. The other days we're having are: Class Color Day, Mix and Match, and I can't remember the last one (and they aren't in happening in that order either).

Anyways, I should probably get ready for bed here before to long. I really will try to get the pictures posted tomorrow night.

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