Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Fun Evening

Adam and I were on supervision duty this weekend and had decided to have a class against class volleyball tournament for the Saturday night activity. But with some people gone on the leadership conference and even more that went home we weren't sure how the tournament would go. So at the last minute we decided to set up one net and have whoever wanted to play volleyball and other people could play basketball or just sit and socialize.

Nina, BJ, Adam, and I all played volleyball against the students. The beat us the first game then the students played each other again before asking us if we wanted a rematch. We ended up playing two or three more games with them and I think we won all of them. During one of the games, Adam, who happens to be something like 6'4, ran up and spiked the ball and one of the girls, somewhere around my height, blocked it and sent it back to us (we missed it). She was SO shocked (along with the rest of us). I think she walked around with her jaw on the floor for 5 minutes.

After the games we started kicking people out and Nina found what she called "golfball numchucks" which was a small rope with a golfball on each end. She hit me on the back of the leg with it and asked if it hurt. I said no and she did it again with the same results. The third time she did it she missed my calf and wailed my knee. It didn't hurt too bad at first but I have a very prettily colored bruise on my knee.

After all of that Adam, Nina, and Karolline all came over and we ate peanut butter pie and played Apples to Apples with Laurie. We didn't start playing until 9:30/10:00 so we were all getting a little tired. EVERYTHING was funny to all of us. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. We picked on each other, laughed at each other and ourselves, and laughed at the cards we played. During the first game Nina and Laurie were getting all the cards and Adam and I went for the longest time without any at all. At the end of that game Adam told us that the green cards we got are supposed to describe you in some way or another. We had a good laugh about those too. The second game we decided we'd play to 17 (people here seem to like random numbers). Adam and I did better that game. Karolline and Adam were in the lead for a long time and I still had a hard time getting cards in the beginning. But I ended up making a big come back and won. We laughed at the green cards even harder after that game. Nina had cards like "nerdy", "violent", and "easy" along with some others. I told Nina that the "violent" and "nerdy could be a bad combo especially because of the "golfball numchucks" earlier. Laurie had "puffy"... that's the only one I remember of her's because she made such a big deal about it through the whole game :) Adam had "flirtatous" and some others I remember laughing about but not what they were. I can't remember any of Karolline's. And I had "distiguished" and "dirty" to name a few.

Anyways, Adam and Nina didn't leave til a few minutes after midnight. We had a good time and had some good laughs. I hope we can do something of the sort again before too long :)

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